Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee builds relationships with the different stakeholders in the Hempstead Community to better serve students, support educators, and strengthen the community at-large.

  • Lisa Byed-Watkins ChairpersonContact

Graduate Courses

The Graduate Courses Committee supports HCTA members in providing learning opportunities from programs in higher education. The committee is also responsible in overseeing that the funds allocated for graduate courses are used appropriately for HCTA members

  • Genell Bradley, Co-Chair - Contact

Health and Safety

The Heath and Safety Committee works in collaboration with the School District on issues that impact the teaching and learning environment in the school buildings.

  • Desiree MauriceElementary ChairpersonContact
  • Nicole Zamor , Secondary ChairpersonContact


The Parliamentarian support the HCTA in the conducting of the Executive Committee Meetings and General Membership Meetings by interpreting of the By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order. This position is not a voting member of the Executive Committee, but is a member with the right of voice and vote in the matters of the HCTA during General Membership Meetings.

  • Wendy Oyebode, Chairperson - Contact

Political Action

The Political Action Committee works to strengthen the voice of the HCTA at the local, state, and national levels by reaching out to politicians and policy makers.

  • TBD


The Scholarship Committee sets up the protocols for scholarships and reviews all scholarship applications. The HCTA Commitment is to support students to see the rewards of education.

  • Daphne Pradella, Chairperson - Contact


The Social Committee organizes different social events during the school year to ensure that members get an opportunity to collaborate, build networks, and strengthen their professional bonds with fellow HCTA members. At the end of the school year, the Social Committee organizes the End of the Year Celebration where we recognize and bid farewell to our retirees and celebrate educators for their hard work.

  • Alexis Jovel, Chair

Vote COPE/Membership

The VOTE-COPE Committee works in collaboration with the HCTA Political Action and Membership Committees to raise funds through membership voluntary contributions to support the political work of the Union.

  • Maria Crowley, ChairpersonContact


If there are any issues please contact us below.

  • Amanda Galanoudis, ChairContact

Hempstead Teacher Center

Stephanie Lockhart-Turner, Chairperson


Desiree Uzzell, Chairperson - Contact

TRACT Center

Stephanie Lockhart - Turner - TRACT CenterContact