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As we close out this school year, we say "goodbye" to our colleagues who are completing their final year in Hempstead Schools

  • Patricia Crespo                
  • Mary Mills                 
  • Venard Dezil                       
  • Sandra Mills
  • Grace Dong-Janeo           
  • Beverly Moore
  • Stacey Eason                      
  • Ronda Moore
  • Barbara Gortman           
  • Raymond Muñoz
  • Diane Green                      
  • Monica Nealis
  • Barbara Intrieri               
  • Dr. Wendy Niles
  • Loretta Laga                     
  • James Roy
  • Robin Levey                      
  • Joyce Scott
  • Diann McCabe                  
  • Cheryl Washington
  • Cheryl McCue                  
  • Calixte Zinzou

We wish our retirees all the best of health and happiness as they begin the next chapter of their lives. Thank you again to Sabina, Maria (Crowley), Veronica, and Cherly (Goodridge) for planning an amazing night and Mr. Battle for the great photographs. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us at Chateau Briand. It was a beautiful and touching evening that was enjoyed by all. Save the date for next year's bash, Thursday, June 16, 2023, at Westbury Manor. When you have time, read about our retirees by clicking here. You can also view pictures from the retirement party on our website.

Retiree Photo

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