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Dear Sisters and Brothers,


We are happy to announce that our union ratification process is complete. The ballots were counted and tallied in the presence of members appointed by building representatives, Executive Board and Negotiations Committee. The Secretary has certified that the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) presented to you on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, has been ratified by the membership:

322 YES votes     67 NO votes

1 VOIDED (Both boxes checked)     1 ABSTAIN

This win was made possible by members who shared their thoughts and ideas, made signs, participated in rallies, signed petitions, attended in-person and virtual union meetings, and finally, cast their votes in support of this new agreement. Thank you to everyone who voted.  These negotiations were arduous and taxing on each negotiating committee member. However, we were able to come together and reach an agreement that is beneficial to the entire membership in an effort to move our Union forward. Remember, any and all ill feelings or transgressions are forgotten and forgiven. It's okay to disagree but it must be done respectfully. We will continue to move forward together as ONE Union despite it all. This agreement could not have been forged without your solidarity, tenacity, and patience over these years of negotiations. We made history by ending 12 long years without a wage increase. You should be proud of what we have accomplished TOGETHER.

Next Steps: I contacted Ms. Armstrong and informed her of the results. The Board of Education will vote on the MOA Wednesday, June 8th. We will also hold another Zoom meeting to review the proposals and answer any new questions. Please check your email for the date and time.

In closing, I am forever grateful and honored to serve as your President. I never take for granted the responsibility and commitment you have entrusted in me. You and your family are incorporated into every decision made on your behalf. Thank you to former HCTA Treasurer, Liz Killings, Dr. Wendy Niles, Dr. Laurie Hamilton, Dorothea Geiger, our Officer Manager Cheryl Goodridge, our Parliamentarian Wendy Oyebode, our LRSs, Barbara and Jessie, Hal, Rhonda, Stephanie, Jean-Lou, Jennifer, Desiree, the entire Executive Board, Danielle, Joelle, Veronica, and Monifa. I won't ever stop thanking you all for everything you do for this Union.

I look forward to celebrating with you as we honor our retirees at our annual Retirement and End of the Year Party at Chateau Briand, Thursday, June 9th. Have a safe and restful weekend.


Solidarity forever.

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