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by Michael Levine, Joseph A. McNeil School


The HCTA would like to spotlight and congratulate one of their own, Noah Burroughs. Mr. Burroughs is a man who embodies a strong work ethic, perseverance, and hope. He is a resident and graduated from Hempstead High School. Mr. Burroughs was endorsed by the HCTA and won the appointment of Hempstead Village Trustee on March 15, 2022. I had the opportunity to recently sit down with him and ask him a few questions.

Question: “Why don’t you tell us about yourself Noah?”

Noah: “Well, growing up in Hempstead I was taught the importance of attaining an education. I applied that philosophy instilled in me by my parents and my mentor Mr. Ronald Philibert. My parents understood what education could mean so they, along with some wonderful teachers in the Hempstead School District, guided me in mapping out a blueprint for my future. At an early age, the one thing I was fortunate enough to do was to know exactly what career I wanted to pursue. The first phase of the plan was to be a professional football player and for the second phase of my career, I wanted to be an educator. Following the blueprint created by my parents and teachers, I graduated from Hempstead High School and pursued higher education. My mentor and other teachers in Hempstead Public Schools provided me with the foundation for success through academics.

Question: Why did you decide to run for village trustee?

Answer: “The village has a desire and a need to restore Hempstead to the promise that it once was.”

Question: “What is something you want to change in the village of Hempstead?”

Answer: "There are many things that he would love to improve upon in the village of Hempstead but he wants to focus on “helping to facilitate updates” in an effort to bring back the Village of Hempstead to that promise.

Question: What are your future plans for the Village of Hempstead?

Answer: "I want to focus on development and restoration, downtown area, zombie homes, and show people that work in the village how they can make home buying and restoration possible.”

Question: Anything final thoughts?

Answer: “I believe my colleagues who are educating our youth, have been undervalued. As a community, we need to come together as a whole. How do we show the children and teachers that we care about them? We need to do that with compensation of a new contract!”

Thank you so much, Mr. Burroughs, and congratulations!

*This interview was conducted prior to the June 3, 2022 ratification.