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Like you, the pandemic has taught me many lessons. The primary one -- it’s time to stop being so hard on myself and instead start focusing on my overall health and wellness. Prior to the pandemic, like many women, I spent the better part of my adult life worrying about my body image.

Is society to blame? A little. Am I to blame? You bet. I worried about the lack of curves in some places on my body — and too many curves in others. I stressed about dimples on my thighs and veins on my legs. I would fret about my tummy not being flat enough, but my chest being too flat. I was anxious about maintaining society’s version of an “ideal weight.”

Was I focused on overall health and wellness? No. Mind you. Never was I unhealthy. I was just programmed to compare myself to others. To judge myself. I focused too much on appearances and cultural expectations. I equated overextending myself with proving my worth. Placing my own health and wellness last.

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